Monday, 22 September 2008

Competition Among The Most Popular Currencies...

At the annual meeting of the commission on the aesthetics of the International Finance Bank (IFB), Swiss financiers organized a competition among the most popular currencies for the title of the most beautiful. The competition attracted over 50 participants."The attention of experts drawn as to the aesthetic design, and their ability to pay and providing banking. Experts drew attention as the aesthetic design, and their ability to pay and banking services. To evaluate the historic significance of images on the currency.

In addition, all money taken part in the competition tested for strength.Notably, the hryvna stood the test, unlike competitors such as the English pound sterling and the Latvian lat, a very fragile currency was the Canadian dollar.Second on the beauty found hryvnia currency after the Australian dollar, an honorable third place won the euro further spread Bulgarian lev and the U.S. dollar.Russian currency won eighth place.

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