Friday, 25 February 2011

Bodybuilder Cows

Belgian blue cows look as if his life they had, tyagaya iron in the gym. But in fact, a powerful set of muscles it was given careful breeding and genetics

As the name implies, the cows were bred in Belgium. In the second half of the 19 th century shortornskie bulls were shipped from the UK to Belgium to improve dairy breeds. 
Until 1960 the breed was balanced and gave out an average amount of milk and the average amount of meat, but in response to the demands of the meat industry, a Belgian Blue was subjected to selection for breeding meat breed. The breed is different size muscle to ensure a low fat content and the special tenderness of meat, making the Belgian Blue is very popular breed. 
Muscle Belgian Blue bulls breed twice as much than conventional breeds, each bull weighs over a ton. Scientists were able to achieve this through the "violation" of a gene that controls the generation of an protein that suppresses muscle growth after a certain point, creating, thus, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the animal world. 

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