Saturday, 23 April 2011

Declan Donnelly split

Following the news that he had split from girlfriend Georgie Thompson yesterday, Declan Donnelly revealed that he was "upset and disappointed" over the breakup.

Speaking outside his London home yesterday, Dec told The Sun: "I honestly don't want to go into why we split. I'll always have very fond memories."
However, the paper also claimed that it was Dec's refusal to commit that was at the root of the problems.
A friend explained: "There were no big rows, it just reached the stage where they had to decide where it was going.
"They love each other dearly but couldn't see it turning into a marriage."
And while Georgie was apparently keen to take things to the "next level", the source suggested: "Dec just isn't thinking like that.
"He's a very private person and likes living on his own."
Though it seems unlikely that Dec would do anything so impulsive, these stars just couldn't resist a surprise wedding...

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