Friday, 4 March 2011

The Ancient Cemetery became the Genoa

One of the largest and most beautiful in Europe - Genoa Monumental Cemetery DJ Steel (Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno) was stretched on a green hillside on the area of one square kilometer. This is a true open-air museum - the local statue of Carrara marble amaze her sad beauty, and make you think about the fragility of life and the impermanence of the world. 

1. Famed throughout the world Genoese Campo Santo cemetery or steel was discovered in opened in 1851 Resasko, and its particular development occurred in the First World War.

2. The cemetery became famous thanks to its rich gallery of sculptures in Carrara marble.

3. Among the many headstones are here stands the tomb of Mazzini - a famous fighter for the independence of Italy.

4. Monumental Cemetery Steel combines the structure of the neoclassical architecture of the cemetery in the traditions of the Mediterranean with the naturalness of the cemeteries of Northern Europe.

5. At the cemetery, it became possible to find the tombstones of all the famous people of Genoa.

7. Staglieno cemetery in Genoa - a real open air museum because of his tomb is decorated with outstanding sculptures.

8. Photo Genoa cemetery was used on the album cover Love Will Tear Us Apart group Joy Division.

9. Many celebrities (Nietzsche, de Maupassant, Elizabeth of Austria) visited Staglieno.

10. Over the cemetery, located on a green hillside rises Chapel of the Intercession (Pantheon).

11. Trails cemetery di Steel, adorned with trees, contain interesting sculptures and monuments that are works of art

12. At the cemetery there are graves and Russian immigrants.

13. It is the grave of Theodore Poletayev, awarded (posthumously), the Gold Medal of Italy for Military Valour for heroism in combat with the Germans in the town of Cantalupo Ligure.

14. At the cemetery of Genoa a lot of marble and greenery - myrtle, laurel, oleander.

15. Ancient cemetery attracts many tourists visiting Genoa. Access to the cemetery is open daily from 07:30 to 17:00. Entrance - free.

16. Steel is not inferior to the beauty of the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris and the Recoleta in Buenos Aires.

17. Steel Cemetery - a quiet and sad little world full of monuments, stakes, fences and angels wings were stretched ...

18. In June last year, seven ministers of cemetery became, including three municipal inspectors were arrested carabinieri for the systematic looting and desecration of graves.

19. During the investigation conducted by the carabinieri, it was found that the gang for many years with particular cynicism involved in the ruin of graves and the kidnapping of their dental and orthopedic prostheses, as well as gold rings and other valuables left by relatives of the deceased.

20. Defilers graves did not shun anything in particular, they are devastated aluminum coffins, compress them directly to the cemetery and then sold a valuable scrap metal.
21. Prostheses were removed from the criminals precious metals and alloys, especially titanium and gold, which also went on sale. Carabinieri found that dentures that do not contain gold, too, came to the black market, whose existence was not even aware the police.

22. Stolen from the graves were carried out on a large scale, and stolen property were sorted, and often sold in bulk.

23. In addition, attackers are actively ruined ancient graves, of which the stolen marble sculptures and friezes, as well as other articles of precious materials.

24. In parallel, members of criminal groups wield in the cemetery became actively haggling places for burial, effectively ruining and polluting the existing graves.

25. Offenders charged with desecration of graves, theft, stealing valuables and damage to the monuments of artistic and historic value.

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