Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Undiscovered Beauty of London

They're weird, they're wonderful and they'll put a smile on your face - these unusual facets of London's landscape no doubt add to the charm of the city we all thought we knew.

Gilgamesh Restaurant and Lounge

This pan-Asian restaurant has been made to resemble a Babylonian palace; think Hieroglyphic wall carvings

Dennis Severs' House

Take a step back in time in a home reminiscent of one from the 18th century

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

Filled with body parts, surgical instruments, anatomical illustrations and the like

Rio's Naturalist Club

Not for the shy or faint-hearted, it is the meeting place of the city's sexually liberal nudist and swingers

Camden Catacombs

A 19th century passageway located 21 feet underground that once served as a stable for the horses and pit ponies working on the railway

Jack the Ripper Walk

Retrace the footsteps of London's most vicious serial killer. Bound to leave you with chills

The Anesthesia Museum

Yes, it's an entire museum dedicated to the field of anesthesia with 2,000 objects on display

The Thin House

It's only 6-feet wide, perched daintily in London's West End suburb of Knightsbridge

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