Thursday, 24 March 2011

Quiksilver New Star Invitational - snowboard event of the season

It's time to tell a little more detail about events that happened in the resort Igor March 12, 2011. On this day, the most global snowboarding event this season: three-star TTR-contest New Star Invitational. Specifically for the construction of highway slopestyle in St. Petersburg was invited Austrian shaper Roland Hofer, who eventually built three gigantic figures: roller, a gap and a wave, derived from ideal.

 Naturally, such a large event could not remain without attention of European riders. New Star Invitational to build a strong snowboarders from Scandinavia, Austria and the Czech Republic, some of which are included in the first 50 positions in the ranking of TTR. Teo Konttinen (Teo Konttinen) and Tero Poykayarvi (Tero Poikajarvi) from Finland, Jan Nekas (Jan Necas) from the Czech Republic and Laker Ludwig (Ludwig Leikher) of Sweden were the backbone of the strengths of the Europeans. In total, the competition was announced in 1924 Rider: 12 participants from Europe and the same amount from Russia. Of our guys made ​​major bets on Yuri Gavrilov, Sergei and Andrei Lapushkina Moskvina, who, though only recovered from a knee injury.

 Despite the harsh weather conditions that do not leave any Igor 11th or 12th of March, all participants had to practice the day before and were fully ready for training. Having T-shirts with numbers, a pre-determined for each participant, the guys went to a training attempts, after which immediately went qualification. At the qualifying races were distinguished Tero Poykayarvi with impeccable cab10 and Jan Nekas, coolest and cleanest backflip frontflipy on each figure. More than all the judges and the audience remembered the two original rider - Austrian Markus Pettsl (Markus Potzl), Hopped the last figure of the one vstegnutoy foot, and the Finn Antti-Juhani Piran (Antti-Juhanni Pirainnen). Sergei Lapushkin was the only Russian rider, passed the final, than instantly earned the recognition of spectators. Yuri Gavrilov lacked only one place to undergo training, but all will remember his purely earthly cab9. The first three places qualified as follows: Tero Poykayarvi (Finland), Jan Nekas (Czech Republic), Ludwig Laker (Sweden).

 Between races snowboarders audience moved to the foot of the slope, where prorider Red Bull Daniel Bodin and Anders Eriksson staged a fascinating show on snowmobiles. There, in the touchdown zone, spinning sports cars MegaFon MitDzhet. And on the stage the audience were entertained by leading Yuri Pashkov and Vassily Kovalev, playing coupons on warming mulled wine.

 Final round was held in an even more severe conditions than qualifications. Accustomed to the climate of ill-Siberian Sergey Lapushkin was at the height, performing under the roar of the crowd bs9 and other difficult tricks in the series. To the delight of their fans, Lapushkin was in third place in the finals, receiving $ 2000 in prize money. Unexpectedly, attempts to change the vector, Teo Konttinen, who played in qualifying only one difficult trick in the series, showed a line in the fs10-bs540-fs360-bs540, deserved second place on the podium and 3000 dollars. The very first place and a cash prize of $ 5000 went to the Swede Mobargu Felix (Felix Mobarg) for the best line cab9-bs9-cab180-bs360.

 After the spectacular finale of the concert audience was waiting for the Danish group Dune, performed the favorite songs to the delight of their fans. The most ambitious and spectacular Russian action this season came to an end - left parties, friendly dividing the prize between themselves and the audience went home with vivid impressions and memories alive.


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