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The Mystery of a Vanished Colony Kroaton

More than 400 years of American history there unsolved mysteries - the mystery of The Lost Colony. Large numbers of people have disappeared from the island, leaving things, food, jewelry. Where did they go - do not know to this day.
 This story began with Sir Walter Raul, a noble English gentleman. At the request of Queen Elizabeth I, he attempted to found a colony in North America. It was a new English region, named Virginia in honor of the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I (in English, "Virgin"-" virgin "). The vast territory stretching from Virginia modern state of Pennsylvania to the Carolinas. The Queen wanted to extend to the land authority and power of England, and in 1584 Sir Raul sent an expedition there, the island of Roanoke, to explore future space colonies. The expedition consisted of two Indians - Manteo and Wanchese.
Roanoke Island was located not far from the mainland and bordered by the bay. Report on the new land has been positive, and 9 April 1585 108 people, including artist John White, went to America.
Colonists who had settled on the island went through a difficult time in the new, unfamiliar world for them: winter was severe, food reserves were depleted.
In addition, settlers were surrounded by hostile Indians, constantly reflecting their attacks. People have lived on the island of winter and spring, and decided to return to England. In June 1586 the colonists had left Roanoke on the ship of Captain Sir Francis Drake, who was passing by the island, returning from the West Indies. So at that time was called the Caribbean.
A few weeks after the departure of the colonists on Roanoke Island has landed a new group of brave men out of fifteen people, fully supports the idea of ​​spreading the power of England in the New World.
In 1587, Sir Raul made another attempt to colonize the New World, by sending a second group of settlers in America. Led the group, John White, had already visited the island of Roanoke. He was instructed to transfer the settlement of Roanoke Island in the Bay Chezapik. But the sailors refused to carry people further than the island of Roanoke, and June 22, 1587 150 colonists, including 11 children, landed on the island. Roanoke met them with silence. 15 people left the island a year ago, have disappeared.
27 days after the landing of the colonists, the island was born a girl, named Virginia Dyer, granddaughter of John White. It was the first English child born on American soil. Located at the new location, the settlers found a distinct lack of tools, food and other vital things. John White agreed to return to England for the necessary equipment a week later the colonists left the island. He managed to return to Roanoke just over 4 years. The island was uninhabited. White found carved on a tree just the word "Croatoan" - the name of a neighboring island. 150 people, and his granddaughter disappeared without a trace.
Three years ago, before leaving the island, John White had arranged with the colonists that if they had to leave Roanoke, they will leave the parameters a conspicuous place a sign saying where they have gone. If they would be in danger or have to leave the island to escape, then in addition to the tree, called the new location of the colony, they cut out a cross.Cross under the carved inscription was not.This could only mean one thing: the settlers left the island voluntarily.But what does the word "Croatan"?Croatan - an island located 80 kilometers to the south and populated by Indians.Perhaps the settlers were there?White would immediately sail thither, but the weather turned bad. Ship "Hopewell" fell off the anchor, and its beginning to demolish the open sea. Because of this, White has not crossed the short distance to Kroatona. He took a course in England and 24 October he returned to Plymouth.But this does not mean that the settlers abandoned to their fate.Later, British ships have repeatedly visited the island of Roanoke, and explore the surrounding islands, and land on the mainland, trying to find traces of the colonists. But they found nothing they could not.Total in 1590 on Roanoke Island North American was directed four search expedition, led by commissioner pslednyuyu Queen Elizabeth I, Walter Raleigh.Was not found even a drop of blood, strands of hair or a torn flap of clothing that would indicate an attack enemies!It is interesting that along with people and pets are gone - the soldiers did not find any dog ​​or chicken.The surrounding forests carefully examined in search of fresh graves, but no corpse was never found. A tribe of local Indians kroatonov well belonged to the white, but just in case, and searched their village on a neighboring island.It is to no avail.As a result, the queen sent a telegram: "They could not disappear just like that, that do not have even a trace. They took away the devil. "Later, Reilly is on its own motion searching settlers dug the earth in place of the village and only 14 years later ended fruitless searches.None of the 117 men, women and children, left in 1587 on the island of Roanoke, nobody else has ever seen.
It is curious that the Indians worshiped God Kroatanu - this is where the name and their tribe, and adjacent to Roanoke Island, where they lived. The very same name translates as "Soul Reaper". It was believed he had always lived among them, but it was invisible and at the request could take root in any body. The Indians were told that God were going to the sacrificial altar: the priests sat in a circle and watched as the food is slowly disappearing in the air. Kroatanu times a year sent a "midwife" - a strong warrior: it was placed in a locked cabin with an altar, but by morning the soldier disappeared.
Is it possible that the island took place the case of mass hallucination, which gave the shaman Indian tribe, and then the sacrifice of the white settlers Kroatanu God?

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