Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cameron Diaz: "I've seen a therapist for ages"

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has revealed she goes to see a therapist so she can ''talk to somebody who has no agenda''.
Cameron Diaz sees a therapist because she used to be a 'tortured person in the past'.
The 'Bad Teacher' actress has confessed she sees a professional counsellor who has helped her overcome her 'brooding' personality, lose her cynical attitude and made her a more positive person.

She said: 'I used to be a very, very cynical person and I've gotten less cynical. When I was in my 20s, and when I was a child, I was not very happy. I'm a dark person. I'm a really dark, brooding person. No I'm kidding. I'm not a tortured person. I have been in my past but I don't like to project that. But I'm a realist. I see things how they are and it's hard to pretend they're anything different.
'I see a therapist. I've seen a therapist for ages. I think the most important thing to do is to go some place that's safe, where you can talk to somebody who has no agenda, who you can unload your s**t on ... and that's what they're there for. You can be totally honest with yourself.'
Cameron, 38, has also revealed she is not worried about hitting 40 and believes her life right now is better than it's ever been.
She told Elle magazine: 'I know what works for me and I know what doesn't, and that is a huge relief. By the time you're in your mid-30s, you've gained some knowledge - you're like, 'Oh yeah I totally get it,' and then, in your late 30s, you start applying what you're learned and you're life just opens up.'

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