Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Office posture tips

Correct Posture For Sitting In An Office Chair

How you sit in your office chair is very important for your body’s posture, long term health and comfort.
Humans weren’t really designed to be seated for hours on end, but unfortunately we are frequently faced with having to do so.
So, let’s begin with how not to sit.

You should avoid slouching or slumping in your chair as this will cause your spinal joints to open up and be in a state known as kyphosis.
This can cause problems with trapped nerves which can get caught when you return to a more upright posture.
Another thing you should be mindful of is sitting in the same position for extended periods of time. So, always make sure you keep your muscles and body moving frequently. Fortunately, our bodies tend to do this as a natural reaction to discomfort.
Take frequent breaks, use a countdown timer to prompt you. And do some simple exercises, I’ll post some in the Blog in the next couple of weeks.
Try to sit with your back reasonably upright, but make sure not to crane your neck forwards and be sure that your lower back is well supported to emphasize it’s natural ‘S’ curve known as lordosis.
Recent research suggests that sitting at a reclined angle is actually good for your back and posture.
Some of the better quality chairs like the Aeron, Life and Leap allow you to do this easily whilst still keeping your feet on the floor and remaining in touch with your work space.

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