Friday, 6 May 2011

Sophia Loren honoured

Sophia Loren Is Honoured By Hollywood

Sophia Loren's life and career has been celebrated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in LA.

The Oscar-winning Italian actress who famously posed nude for the Pirelli calendar in 2006, was joined on the red carpet by her sons, composer Carlo Ponti and director Edoardo Ponti and a host of stars from the big screen - including Billy Crystal and Eva Mendes.

The Academy honoured the 76-year-old before in 1991, with an award for her contributions to world cinema.

Nevertheless, this week's Academy tribute is clearly significant to Loren.

"When these kinds of things happen, it's something that it's not that I don't like because one if always flattered when great people like the people that are going to be here tonight in this theatre, they know the cinema. They are great names.

"They speak about you and of course I think they speak very nicely about me because they are here. It's a nice event. I really enjoy to be part of it," said Loren.

"If I think that I am the only one who is treated like a great star and this event is for me, I am quite shy about it, I must say. I hope this night is over right away because oh my God."

Sophia Loren got her first job in movies as an extra in the 1951 MGM epic Quo Vadis but her breakthrough came in the Italian feature The Gold of Naples (1954).

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