Friday, 6 May 2011

Uma Thurman Schweppes advert

Actress Uma Thurman hasn't exactly been a big box office draw lately, but her sexy new TV ad for Schweppes is bubbling up big on You Tube.

 The ad, which is currently airing on French TV, features the blonde beauty reclining on a couch in a seductive manner while dressed in a glittery gold gown, reminiscent of Mae West.

During an interview with a young French journalist, Thurman seductively explains how she likes Schweppes with strangers, Schweppes at home and, even, she says in her most come-hither voice, "sometimes in a taxi."
At the climax of the ad, she asks the hot-and-bothered reporter if he'd like to have Schweppes with her. Sadly for him, the language barrier keeps the carbonated consummation from taking place.
No word on if Thurman's sexy Schweppes ad will be shown stateside, but, based on initial media reaction, it may not translate. reports that Jezebel columnist Whitney Jefferson considers the ad "just ... weird," while Kyle Buchanan of New York magazine calls the spot "oddly sexual."


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